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Our every expert are affiliated with the faculty of a recognized Islamic Teacher. They design all Islamic courses for a whole family, considering the students of every age.

Free Trial Classes

To check our teaching methodology, you can take five days Trail Classes that is 100% Free. After your complete satisfaction, you can regularly join the classes. You can also discontinue our courses in the case when you don’t satisfy with us!

Experienced Faculty

We have expert, well-qualified and prestigious Islamic Scholars and Tutors. They not only have a commanding Islamic knowledge but also have extensive experience in their fields.

Welcome to Islamic Teacher

Muslim adults may search for a better understanding of the Arabic language to recite the Holy Qur’an and also advanced knowledge of Islamic law and doctrine. Whether you want to learn fundamental language skills or you need to recite the Holy Quran with Qiraat. Islamic Teacher makes all these activities very convenient for every member of a family. We offer you to come together and learn Quran to get a better understanding of their faith. You may take the classes separately if you need them. Our scholar can provide individual as well as combined tutoring to adults or children. Furthermore, there are separate classes for Islamic sisters and brothers.

In short, put you and your family on the right track to success in every field of life with the Quran and Sunna educations. We evaluate your Islamic skills and improve your efficiency and capability towards Islam. Our Online Islamic Teacher Academy is the best e-learning academy!

Courses We Offer

3 simple steps to start online class



First of all, you need to select a Quran tutor for your course. During this, consider the gender and expertise of our scholars in a particular field.
Take Free Trial

Take Free Trial

Next, then select your schedule to learn the Quran, considering your best availability. Our experts are available every time and every day!
Start Learning Quran

Start Learning Quran

Finally, when you get satisfied with our Islamic Teacher Academy, start taking regular classes.
Your Journey to the Quran

Start Learning Quran with 3 Days Free Trial

Schedule your online class right now!

Achievement Certificate

Free Trial Classes are available for our new students up to 5 days to explore our teaching methodology and environment. It is up to you whether you will continue after this free trial or leave it if you don’t satisfy with our service.

Progress Report

You will get a positive progress report within a month with our qualified and expert Islamic Scholars after joining our online courses. Every teacher has the expertise and commanding knowledge in their respective subjects.

1 One 1 Live Classes

Our every online course is conducted with one on one teaching in Real-time with the intellectual questioning and answering session. Our teachers give special attention to every student in their classes according to their learning needs.

Female Tutors Available

There are separate classes for males and females. Additionally, we also have many female expert tutors for those Islamic Sisters who want to learn only from the female teachers.
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