Salah and Duas

Salah and Duas

Project Description
Salah and Duas

Memorization of Salah (Namaz), Daily Duas, Kalimahs, & Sunnahs

In Salah classes, our scholars will teach you the best way of offering prayer or Namaz. However, Duas are the Islamic supplications where you will learn all the necessary pray of your daily routine. Kalimahs are the six Islamic phrases or the bases of Muslim beliefs. Every Muslim needs to memorize them by heart. Lastly, Sunnah is the practice of things that our Prophet ever did in His life, whose life is the best exemplar for us! This course is best for both children and adults because, in this course, you will learn the Salah (Namaz) initially and learn all its necessities by reforming your Salah.

The syllabus of Salah and Duas includes:

  • Memorization of the six Kalimas of Islam taken from hadiths.
  • Training of Namaz (Prayers or Salah) in five-times with Dua-e-Qunoot.
  • The names, Rakats (Farz, Sunnat, Witar and Nafil Prayer) and timings of five prayers.
  • Learning of different elementary quranic Duas. All Duas in our daily routine, such as Duas after eating, before eating, after Namaz, before sleeping, etc.
  • Additionally memorization of Ayah-Tul-Kursi, Imaan-e-Mufassil & Mujmal, Names of Allah, Azan, Names of Islamic months, days and their Nawafils.
  • Sunnah (the Acts of Prophet Muhammad PBUH during his great life).
  • Method of Jumuah, Eid and Funeral Prayers.
  • Best practice of Wudhu, Ghusal Taharah.
  • Many small Surahs.
  • Basic Aqaa’ids of Islam, such as belief in Allah, Holy books, Angels, Holy prophets, Qiyamah, Jahannam and Jannat.
  • Method of Jumuah, Eid and Funeral Prayers.