Fee Plan

You can select any of the following pre-defined plans or provide your custom plan requirement along with free registration for 3 days of free trial classes. We offer custom Quran/Hifz/Islamic education plans according to your need.

Weekly Classes US-$ UK-£ Australia/Canada-$ Europe-€
2 20/Month 15/Month 26/Month 17/Month
3 30/Month 22/Month 37/Month 25/Month
4 40/Month 30/Month 52/Month 33/Month
5 50/Month 37/Month 65/Month 42/Month
6 60/Month 44/Month 78/Month 50/Month

Family Package (For multiple members of a family)
Get up to a 10% Discount for each student of a family

We strive to provide the lowest Quran tutoring Fee and the best Online Quran teaching services.

Payments Methods:

  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Western Union